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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Share Your Knowledge with 24onlineknowledge

Now the time has come, you also can share your general knowledge with us (24onlineknowledge). Share your knowledge and improve so. It is very easy. Just follow the instructions given below.

1.    You can use any of the one way to submit your general knowledge.
a)    Send your knowledge to our E-mail address at ** or,
b)   Write your knowledge under the post “Post a Comment”
2.    In your post/E-mail you can use your name, address, e-mail-ID, contact number etc and we will also publish those if you want. But remember we shouldn’t responsible for any kinds of misuse of your privacy.
3.    We will not send you any kinds of confirmation letter to you after receiving your post/e-mail. But promise you that we must publish your good one within one or two week(s) after a single review.
4.    In review if we find that your post is wrong or bearing some false information we will have the right to make correction to it.
5.    We will save your post(s) in our mail box originally. So, In future if you come to claim that any post which really was sent by you but not yours we can prove that you are going to say false.
6. is maintained by , we (24onlinegroup) have the right to change any of the law in this post for any important cause.

Thank you for read the post. Hope you will like to send us your good one(s).

Here a sample post for how to write/e-mail to us your one and how it will look on our blog. You can write with your own view:
Biggest Ship for Seaways
Posted by: XXXXX/Unnamed
Address:, Contact: XXX-XXXXXX / Restricted
Post body: In Bangladesh biggest ship for seaways has introduced by Ananda Shipyards. Its name is “WES GRAIN”. It is 105 meters in long G.L Class Ship & was first embarked on the Meghna River. The ship is 104.535 meters long & 15.250 wide and can carries 500 ton wets.

If You Feel That There Is a Correction Required
In This or Any Other Post(S) Then
You Are Most Welcome To Share
Your Thoughts In The Form OF Comments Below

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