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Saturday, October 15, 2011

IQ Test Exam [Part-2]

  • 1.     Moscow/London/New York/Paris/Dhaka. (Find the Odd)
  • 2.     Gold is to Ornaments as Wood is to-Chair/Tree/Table/Furniture/Bat/Bed.
  • 3.     Table/Grass/Bench/rack/Self. (Find the Odd)
  • 4.     Rearrange the jumble word: IWTNR (Name of a season)
  • 5.     France/Spain/Europe/Denmark/Italy. (Find the Odd)

Short Notes || Share Market of Bangladesh

The share (Share is the ownership of a company) markets of Bangladesh Recently witnessed wild volatility. Recent experience has made us believe that anything can happen in our capital market. Most of the investors lost up to 60 percent of their capital.
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