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Monday, November 28, 2011

IQ Test Exam [Part-4]

  • 1.     Commodore/Major/Colonel/General/Captain(Find the Odd)
  • 2.     Sorrow is to Misfortune as Joy is to-Cheer/Happy/Proud/Loud.
  • 4.     Gun is to Shoot as Scissors is to- Sew/Cut/Keep/Reap/Use.
  • 5.     CEB=PRQ as BDA=? OVQ/OQP/OSM/TMO.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

IQ Test Exam [Part-3]

  • 1.     Trousers/Shirt/Sweater/Shoe/. (Find the odd)
  • 2.     Rearrange the jumble word: SROLHCIK (Name of a Drink)
  • 3.     Complete the series: 71, 65, 61, 55, 45,?,?
  • 4.     King is to Queen as Prince is to-First lady/Emperors/Princess/Women.
  • 5.     Rearrange the jumble word: RBRUBE (Name of a Stationary)
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