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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Arms Forces of Bangladesh

1.     Bangladesh has three Arms Forces. They are:-
a)     Military.
b)    Naval Force.
c)     Air force.
2.     Headquarter of Bangladesh Military in Dhaka.
3.     Headquarter of Bangladesh Naval Force in Dhaka.
4.     Headquarter of Bangladesh Air force in Dhaka.
5.     Headquarter of Arms Force Board in 160, Kakrail, Dhaka-1000.
6.     The symbol/Logo of Bangladesh ARMY-Two Crossing Sword and a National Shapla on its angel.

Commissioned Officers Ranks of Bangladesh Arms Forces

Air Force
Second Lieutenant
Acting Sub Lieutenant
Pilot Officer
Sub Lieutenant
Flying Officer
Flight Lieutenant
Lieutenant Commander
Squadron Leader
Lieutenant Colonel
Wing Commander
Group Captain

Bangladesh Army In UN Peace Mission

Names of the Mission
Short Name
UN Observer Mission, Georgia
UN Mission, Kosovo
UN Referendum Mission, West Sahara
UN Mission, Sierra Leone
UN Mission, Ivory Coast
UN Mission, East Timor
UN Mission, Congo

Seven Birsresthas of Bangladesh

Martyrs Name
Date and Place
Shipahi Mostofa Kamal
Bangladesh Army
8 April, 1971; Akhaura
Lance Naik Munshi Abdur Rouf
20 April, 1971; Rangamati
Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman
Bangladesh Air Force
20 August, 1971; Shindhu Pradesh
Lance Naik Nur Mohammad
5 September, 1971; Jessore
Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir
Bangladesh Army
14 December, 1971; Nababganj

69 Bma Long Course Written Examination (General Knowledge Part)

1.     How many martyrs got the ‘Birsrestho’ designation rewards? Write any five of their names.
2.     Write the names of national flower, fruit, bird, animal and tree of Bangladesh.
3.     Write the capital of the following countries:
a)     Afghanistan
b)    South Korea
c)     Thailand
d)    Iraq
e)     England
4.     De-abbreviate :UNESCO, MBBS, LBW, IMF, ILO

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What is IQ Test And It Calculates My Intelligence

Intelligence Interval
Cognitive Designation
40 - 54
Severely challenged (Less than 1% of test takers)

Country Level Domain Name Worldwide registries

What is domain name?

Domain names are hostnames that provide more memorable names to stand in for numeric IP addresses. They allow for any service to move to a different location in the topology of the Internet (or another internet), which would then have a different IP address. Domain names allow Internet users to easily find and communicate with Web sites and other server-based services.

What is domain name registrar?

Computer Terms and Their Meanings

Basic Computer Terminology:
1. Bit: A binary unit of data storage with only 2 digits 0 and 1.
2. BIOS: Acronym for basic input/output system, the built-in software that determines what a computer can do without accessing programs from a disk.
3. Boot: Another Computer term for “Starting a Computer”. Similarly reboot means restart.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Some Common General Knowledge [Part-1]

1.                             Long walk to Freedom is an auto biography of Nelson Mandola.
2.                             A brief history of time-Stephen Hawking.
3.                             The God of Small Thinks-Aurondhoti Roy.
4.                             Discovery of India-Jaihar Lal Nehro.
5.                             The Republic-Plato.
6.                              War and Peace-Leo Tolstoy.

Some Common General Knowledge [Part-2]

  • OPEC is an organization which is consisted with Petroleum exploring countries
  • 12 Countries are the member of OPEC.
  • The Headquarter of OPEC is Vienna; the capital of Austria.
  • 26 Countries are the member of NATO.

Situation of Some Common Famous and Heritages

  • *    Board way is situated in New York.
  • *    Liberty of Congress is situated in Washington DC.
  • *    Wall Street is situated in New York.
  • *    Kankan is situated in Mexico.
  • *    Guantanamo is situated in Cuba.
  • *    Water Lou is situated in Belgium.

Some Information about the United Nations

1.     United Nations was established- 24th October, 1945.
2.     There are six main Organizations United Nations has. They are-
a.     General assembly
b.     Economic and Social Council
c.      International Court of Justice
d.     Security Council
e.      Trusteeship Council

Famous Strait-lines and Channels

a)     Bay of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean is joined By Florida Strait.
b)    Pacific Ocean and Atlantic is joined By Panama Strait.
c)     English Channel has divided France and England.
d)    Bab-al-Mandev is a Strait-line between Arab Sea and Red Sea.

Headquarters of Some Common Organizations

a)     The Headquarter of ADB is Manila, Philippine.
b)    The Headquarter of D8 is Istanbul, Turkey.
c)     The Headquarter of Amnesty International is London, UK.
d)    The Headquarter of BBC is Bush House, London.
e)     The Headquarter of EU is in Brussels.
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