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Friday, February 10, 2012

Create A Facebook Business Page || 24onlineupdate

I could not believe my eyes when I recently checked my stats for my website and realized how much traffic was coming from my Facebook business page.  I have been promoting my Facebook business page, or maybe I have just been making use of it. It is quite simple really, I have been promoting every article that I publish my website, not only on my Facebook page, but on other peoples as well.

The reason I just started to do this now after three years of having websites for a business, is because I researched my stats and also discovered that Facebook traffic equals income from my website. This means that they are actually bringing money into my business, not one of the top money earners, it possibly could be in the future though.
I have had my Facebook business page for a long time, and left the to its own devices by using auto update programs to enter in a new status each time I post an article on my blog. I thought this method would be enough, but when I started actually using my Facebook business page, I realized that it could give me so much more.



10 tips for making the best Facebook business page:

1. Naming your page

Create your Facebook business page using keywords from your website or business. It is important to use keywords in everything you do, as when people are searching, every little bit helps. You also want people to know what your page is about when they land on it. Do not think of some fancy name and let people wonder what the hell the page is about?

2. Facebook business page promotion

Grab a badge or a link to promote your Facebook business page to your customers and can choose a simple link or a massive box showing all your fans on it. In the screen shot below it shows a picture of my Facebook like box that I have placed on my website. I simply pasted the code that I got from Facebook into a text widget and placed it into the side bar on the right. Make sure you go and press the like button!
To find your Facebook page, the directions have changed, as a Facebook website has changed. Go to your account in the top right corner and press on the drop-down Arrow next to it. Then choose manage pages from the menu.

3. Customize your Facebook business page

Make sure you investigate how your Facebook business page looks before inviting your new friends and visitors. Check out every Up the top to make sure there is content on it. This is just the professional thing to do.

4. Branding your page

Many people do not use the Facebook page to its full potential. They simply throw up a small picture as the profile picture and think that this is enough to attract new fans.I like to create a 200×600 pixel branding banner for the side bar of my Facebook business page. This takes up a lot of space and looks great! It is like being offered space in a newspaper and only taking up not even a quarter of it. Why would anyone do that?

5. Spreading the word

Even though you have added badges and links to your website, what about everywhere else? Add a link to your Facebook page in your e-mail signatures,correspondence and anything you can think of. Most profiles on websites let you connect into your Facebook account. For example most forums now days, allow you to have your own little Facebook icon under your name. Therefore each post you make has a link to your Facebook page.

6. Update your Facebook page

Post news and new blog posts to your Facebook page status. I do not like using auto posting status updates as it does not allow you to customize it and put your say with it. Also if you personally do it you will probably encourage more conversations between the visitors. Do not only post content from only your website; update your status with any great content you think your readers will enjoy.

7. Facebook page options

Most people forget to set their Facebook page options up correctly. You need to set options such as if people can post on your wall or not, what page a new visitor lands on, and who can see your updates. If you do not know how to get to the settings for your Facebook page, watch the video in number eight and it will show you a few things.


8. Add a custom made landing page

Make your own customized Facebook landing page where you can put images, videos, and even an opt in form. It is just like a website page and it is great for branding and advertising your business. some people add in actions for people to do. For example a number one action would be to press the like button above to join the page, the next action would be to sign up for a newsletter, and maybe another action could be to download a free report.
Watch this video below to see how to make a custom FBML ( Facebook markup language) tab to use as a landing page for your Facebook business page.


9. Networking with others

Work with other Facebook business page owners that have similar topics. Webmasters are used to doing this as this is the way we work. We are always exchanging links and promoting each other’s products. Going connect with other business owners within your niche and see if they will post your updates on the Facebook page as well.


10. Encourage interaction

Allow your visitors to post to your Facebook business page wall could be the difference between a dead Facebook page and one that is pumping with interaction and comments.. Which one do you want? you cannot be scared of a little bit of competition as some other Webmasters may also be your customers, you never know.
Can you believe that making a Facebook page for your website or business is absolutely free! Where else do you get free advertising like this? I don’t know of any other website that gets as much traffic as Facebook, and now we have to just work out how to get them ALL to our Facebook business page.

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