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Sunday, May 29, 2011

General Knowledge Quiz About Bangladesh

  • In how many countries the Bangladeshi products is exported?
Ø Ans: 186 Numbers of Country is importing the 167 types of Bangladeshi product.

  • What is “Friend of Bangladesh”?
Ø Ans: A group of the 21 members of parliament of European Union (EU).

  • What is “Flash Buffalo”?
Ø Ans:- A practice session with joint venture of Bangladesh & American Navy is called “Flash Buffalo”. This session was finished at May 31 in 2007.

  • Which Bangladeshi Director was nominated the best director in the 10th Shanghai Film Festival?
Ø Ans:- Gulam Rabbani Biplob.

  • How many hybrid types of paddy are cultivated in Bangladesh now?
Ø Ans:-  53 types.

  • Which Municipality of Bangladesh has nominated the first municipality among Bangladesh who registrant the 100% people’s birth dates?
Ø Ans:- Dinajpur Municipality.

  • What is the name of the Govt. University which is governed by the Armed Forces of Bangladesh?
Ø Ans:- Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP).

  • What the name of the 6th Telecom Company of Bangladesh?
Ø Ans:- Warid Telecom.( Airtel Telecom )

  • What is the name of the film made on the basis of BeerShrestho “Matiur Rahman”?
Ø Ans:- “Ostitte Amar Desh”.

  • With which district of Bangladesh the India & Myanmar Border is connected simultaneously?
Ø Ans:- Rangamati.


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