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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Erasing Files before Selling a Computer || 24OnlineUpdate

Whether the intended goal is protecting bank account information, hiding pertinent fantasy baseball statistics, or clearing evidence of your former identity as a butler to the stars, it is important to clear your data before selling a computer. Hackers and other thieves with bad intent can find ways to access your information even if you’ve deleted files and cleared the recycle bin. Erasing files before selling a computer will ensure your privacy and stellar fantasy baseball record stays intact.

The first step to take in erasing files before selling a computer is to reformat the hard drive.

1. Remove your hard drive and place it in an external hard drive.
2. Connect it to another computer via USB.
3. By going into my computer, you can find the drive.
4. If you right click on the icon for the drive a pop up box will open.
5. You will see an option to format.
It is important to save all your documents or photographs to a disc as formatting will erase this data. There are small pieces of data stored in your computer registry and cleansing them is a good precaution to take before you get rid of the computer.
If you still have your operating system startup CD, installing a fresh version of Windows is a great step in erasing files before selling a computer. If your previous career adventures include time served as a CIA operative, it may be a good idea to simply reinstall a hard drive. New hard drives can cost in the area of $100 but if national security is at risk, it could be worth the price.

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