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Monday, January 23, 2012

Massage from 24onlinegroup

Now, 24onlineupdate is going to transfer its post with 24onlineknowledge. 24onlinegroup has decided this in last week. Because of construction and maintaining problem of 24onlineupdate, this blog was dead for a long lime. But now all posts of this blog can be found in 24onlineknowledge. All readers are requested to join with 24onlineknowledge.

Please Note: 24onlineupdate was a blog about internet & technology. 24onlineknowledge was a blog about education and general knowledge upadate. But now 24onlineupdate is going to transfer all posts and data to 24onlineknowledge and after a period 24onlineupdate will be deleted by 24onlinegroup. Please remember its only maintained by 24onlinegroup

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