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Friday, July 1, 2011

Some Information about the United Nations

1.     United Nations was established- 24th October, 1945.
2.     There are six main Organizations United Nations has. They are-
a.     General assembly
b.     Economic and Social Council
c.      International Court of Justice
d.     Security Council
e.      Trusteeship Council

f.       Secretariat
3.     Bangladesh is the 136th number of UN.
4.     UN’s special organizations-16.
5.     UN has 194 members.
6.     UN’s last member-East Timor and Montenegro.
7.     The Secretary-General of UN is elected for five years.
8.     First Secretary General of UN is- Trygue lie.
9.     Country of Asia is not the member of UN- Taiwan.
10.                        Head quarter of International Court of Justice- Haque, Netherlands.
11.                        Permanent member of UN- 5 member-America, Russia, China, France, UK.
12.                        The Judges of International Court of Justice are appointed for-9years.
13.                        UN agreement was signed- Sanfrancisco.
14.                        Regular meeting of General assembly is started in- September.
15.                        Millennium Development Goal has- 8 targets.
16.                        UN Day is observed at- 24th October.
17.                        Vato means-I don’t observe it.
18.                        Present Secretary General of UN- Ban Ki Mon.
19.                        Ban Ki Mon is a citizen of South Korea.
20.                        Director general of IAEA is Yukiya Amano.


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