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Friday, July 1, 2011

Some Common General Knowledge [Part-2]

  • OPEC is an organization which is consisted with Petroleum exploring countries
  • 12 Countries are the member of OPEC.
  • The Headquarter of OPEC is Vienna; the capital of Austria.
  • 26 Countries are the member of NATO.
  • The Headquarter of NATO is Brussels, Belgium.
  • SAARC was established in 1985.
  • SAARC has 8 members.
  • Last member of SAARC is Afghanistan.
  • SAARC summit held in Dhaka for 3 Times.
  • G8 members are USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, Russia.
  • The only Asian member of G8 is Japan.
  • EU was established by dint of Maastricht Agreement.
  • Geneva Convention was signed in 1949.
  • Land Mine was prohibited in Ottawa agreement.
  • CTBT is signed to ban nuclear experiment.
  • Bangladesh is the first South Asian country who signed CTBT.
  • Coxe’s-Bazar is the largest sea beach in the world.
  • Orbis is a flying eye hospital.
  • World Bank has 185 members.
  • Turkey is the troy of America Union.
  • INTERPOL is an organization of Police.
  • Niagara is the largest waterfall of the world(situated in America and Canada)
  • Statue of Liberty is a gift of France to America.
  • World’s smallest country is Vatican City.
  • SDD is the paper currency of IME.
  • Africa is the Dark Continent of the world.
  • Japan is the sun rising Country of the world.
  • The highest average age is of the people of Japan.
  • Sweden has zero population growth.

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