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Friday, July 1, 2011

Some Common General Knowledge [Part-1]

1.                             Long walk to Freedom is an auto biography of Nelson Mandola.
2.                             A brief history of time-Stephen Hawking.
3.                             The God of Small Thinks-Aurondhoti Roy.
4.                             Discovery of India-Jaihar Lal Nehro.
5.                             The Republic-Plato.
6.                              War and Peace-Leo Tolstoy.

7.                              Living History-Hilary Clinton.
8.                              My Life-Bill Clinton.
9.                              In the line of Fire-Parvez Musharaf.
10.                         Main Kamp-Adolf Hitler.
11.                         Dis Arming Iraq-Hans Boxis.
12.                        International Women’s Day-8th March.
13.                        International Atmosphere/Environment Day-5th June.
14.                        World AIDS Day-1st December.
15.                        World Climate Day-23rd March.
16.                        World Humanity Day-10th December.
17.                        World Population Day 11th July.
18.                        International Anti-Corruption Day-9th December.
19.                        AFP is news agency of France.
20.                        REUTERS is news agency of Britain.
21.                        AP is news agency of America, USA.
22.                        Interfax is news agency of Russia.
23.                        World Cup Football 2010 was held in South Africa.
24.                        World Cup Football 2014 will be held in Brazil.
25.                        Olympic 2010 was held in London.
26.                        Duckworth Lewis Method is a pole of Cricket.
27.                        Highest Wicket Taker in Test Cricket is Muttie Muralidharan.
28.                        The opening Ceremony of ICC World Cup 2011 was held in Bangladesh.
29.                        Dynamite was invented by-Alfred Nobel.
30.                        Till now 3 Bengalis got Nobel Prize; They are:-
a.     Rabindranath Tagore,
b.     Amorto Sen,
c.      Dr. Muhammud Yunus.
31.                        Dr. Muhammud Yunus is the father of Micro Credit.
32.                        Nobel Prize is given from 1901
33.                        1st Nobel Prize winner in Asia-Leo Dac Go (in Peace)
34.                        Mosad is the Secret Service of Israel.
35.                        FBI is the Secret Service of USA.
36.                        MI-6 is the Secret Service of UK.
37.                        National Assembly of Japan-Dayet.
38.                        National Assembly of Russia-Duma.
39.                        National Assembly of Afghanistan-Sura.
40.                        National Assembly of Iran-Majlish.
41.                        National Assembly of Israel-Nesset.
42.                        National Assembly of Poland-Seem.


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