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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Arms Forces of Bangladesh

1.     Bangladesh has three Arms Forces. They are:-
a)     Military.
b)    Naval Force.
c)     Air force.
2.     Headquarter of Bangladesh Military in Dhaka.
3.     Headquarter of Bangladesh Naval Force in Dhaka.
4.     Headquarter of Bangladesh Air force in Dhaka.
5.     Headquarter of Arms Force Board in 160, Kakrail, Dhaka-1000.
6.     The symbol/Logo of Bangladesh ARMY-Two Crossing Sword and a National Shapla on its angel.
7.     The symbol/Logo of Bangladesh NAVY-Cable wearing kedge and a Shapla over on it.
8.     The symbol/Logo of Bangladesh Air Force-A Shapla over on a flying Eagle and two to stars on two sides.
9.     The Slogan of Bangladesh ARMY- In Peace In War, We Are Everywhere For Our Country(Somore Amra Shantite Amra,Shorbotro Amra Des her tore)
10.                        The Slogan of Bangladesh NAVY-In Peace In war Win the Sea (Shantite Shongrame Shomdro Durjoy)
11.                        The Slogan of Bangladesh Air Force-We should keep free the Sky of Bengali (Banglar Akash Rakhibo Mukto)
12.                        Maximum Rank of Bangladesh Military- Field Marshal.
13.                        Maximum Rank of Bangladesh Naval- Force Admiral of the fleet.
14.                        Maximum Rank of Bangladesh Air force- Marshal of the air force.
15.                        Taskforce means- Joined group of Military, Naval-Force & Air force.
16.                        The cardinal/ Supreme Commander of Bangladesh Arms Forces- President Zillur Rahman.
17.                        Present the Chief of Bangladesh ARMY-General Md. Abdul Mubeen.
18.                        Present the Chief of Bangladesh NAVY-Vice Admiral Zahir Uddin Ahmed.
19.                        Present the Chief of Bangladesh Air Force Air Marshal Shah Mohammad Ziaur Rahman.
20.                        Till now three General Ranking Officers of Bangladesh ARMY are:
a.     General M.A.G. Usmani.
b.     General M.U. Ahmed.
c.      General Md. Abdul Mubeen
21.                        Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) is situated at Vatiary, Chittagong.
22.                        The ARMY Staff College is situated at Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka.
23.                        Bangladesh Naval Academy is situated at Potenga, Chittagong.
24.                        Bangladesh Marin Academy (Bangladesh Maritime University) is situated at Jolodia, Chittagong.
25.                        Bangladesh Air Force Training Academy is situated at Jessore.
26.                        The old name of Bangladesh Army East Bengal Regiment.
27.                        First woman Brigadier of Bangladesh Suraiya Begum.
28.                        The only one military museum Bangladesh has Tajgao, Beside the Bijoy Soroni.
29.                        The name of the Military weapons and equipment management department of Bangladesh-Ordinance.
30.                        There are three publications of Bangladesh Army
a)     Shena Barta.
b)    Shena Probaho.
c)     Army Journal.
31.                        The web address of Bangladesh ARMY
32.                        The web address to join Bangladesh ARMY
33.                        The web address of Bangladesh NAVY
34.                        The web address of Bangladesh Air Force
35.                        Jatiya Shanhati Dibosh-7 November.
36.                        Arms Force Day-21 November.
37.                        Bangladesh has been working UN Peace mission since 1988.
38.                        First UN Peace mission of Bangladesh-United Nations Iran-Iraq Military Observer Group.
39.                        Bangladesh has worked for45 UN Peace missions.
40.                        At present Bangladesh have 13 Military forces in UN Peace missions.
41.                        Shikha Onirban Situated in- Dhaka Cantonment.
42.                        Shena Kollan Bhabon- Motizil, Dhaka.
43.                        Big War Ship of Bangladesh NAVY-BNS Bongobandhu.
44.                        ISSB means- Inter Services Selection Board.
45.                        Black Out means- Sudden attack from a secret place.
46.                        Bale out means- To get out from a destroying airplane with Para-suit.
47.                        Co-south98 is- a joined training/workshop of Bangladesh and USA.
48.                        C-BAT is a joined training/workshop of Bangladesh and USA.
49.                        Mig29 was added to Bangladesh Air force on 23 March, 2000.
50.                        Mig29 was bought from Russia.
51.                        Bangladesh was divided into 11 Sectors during Liberation War of 1971.
52.                        Liberation Designation Rewards got 676 heros (Birshestho 7; Bir Uttam 68; Bir Bikrom 175 & Bir Pratik 426)
53.                        Bir Protik got two women; Taramon Bibi & Shetara Begum.
54.                        The only one foreigner got the Bir Protik Designation Rewards - Whoile Hemar Warland (From Australia)
55.                        During Liberation War of 1971there were 3 divided forces. They are :-
a.     Z-Force
b.     S-Force
c.      K-force
56.                        Captain of Z-force: Lieutenant Colonel Ziaur Rahman.
57.                        Captain of S-force: Lieutenant Colonel K.M. Shafiullah.
58.                        Captain of K-force: Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Mossharaf.


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