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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

69 Bma Long Course Written Examination (General Knowledge Part)

1.     How many martyrs got the ‘Birsrestho’ designation rewards? Write any five of their names.
2.     Write the names of national flower, fruit, bird, animal and tree of Bangladesh.
3.     Write the capital of the following countries:
a)     Afghanistan
b)    South Korea
c)     Thailand
d)    Iraq
e)     England
4.     De-abbreviate :UNESCO, MBBS, LBW, IMF, ILO
5.     Write short notes (any three)
a)     World Cup Football 2010
b)    World Cup Cricket 2011
c)     Geneva
d)    Hollywood
e)     White House
6.      Why famous for-
a)     Kwakata
b)    Sent-martin
c)     Dhaka
d)    Enine
e)     Akhaura
7.     Write distinctive names:
a)     City of air
b)    City of gold
c)     City of life
d)    Land of wall
e)     Daughter of sea
8.     Write the biggest name following:
a)     Biggest Continent
b)    Biggest River(length)
c)     Biggest Himalaya
d)    Biggest house
e)     Biggest town


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