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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Create An Internet Dialer || 24onlineupdate

When we use any PC Suite or Modem Driver we may create internet dialer automatically using some wizard. But sometimes we need to create Internet Dialer Manually. So now we'll see how to make an Internet dialer manually.

First you need to install your modem driver.
If you use Nokia phone as a modem,
Install Nokia PC Suite and for other phone,
Install the PC Suite according to your set provider.
If you use any other modem device,

Like Mobidata or GP Modem, install the driver provided by them.

For Windows XP:
To configure an Internet dialer manually,
Go to Start >> Settings >> Network connections and now right click upon network connection and choose Open.
Network Connection Window will open.
Choose ‘”Create a new connection” from Network tasks.
Choose next and again next. Now choose the radio button of “Set up my connection manually” and then Next.
 Again click to Next. Now select a modem device if you installed more than one and then choose next.
 Now Type your ISP name in the box.
 ISP name of GrameenPhone user of Bangladesh is gpinternet.
 Again choose next. Now type the ISP’s phone number and click to Next.
 ISP’s phone number of GrameenPhone user of Bangladesh is *99#.
 If you like to give a username and password for your Internet Dialer you may do that in this step.
 By default, it will be your default Internet Dialer, if you don’t like to make uncheck the check box and then click to next.
 If you like to a shortcut of this dialer in Desktop, check the box and finish. Now open the dialer and connect to internet.

You can also make a dialer from Start >> Programs/All Programs >> Accessories >> Communications >> New Connection wizard.
Now follow the above.

For Windows Seven:
 First click to network connection Icon from Task pan.
 It may show the message ‘Not connected – Connection are available’.
 Now click to ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’.
 Now Choose ‘Set up a new connection or network‘.
 Next choose ‘Set up a dial-up connection‘and then click to Next.
 Now type the Phone Number of your ISP. For GP internet user of Bangladesh, it will be *99#.
 Type the user name of your ISP in the user name box.  For GP internet user of Bangladesh, it will be gpinternet.
 If you like to give a password for your internet dialer you may use.  Now choose your Dial-up connection name.

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