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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Desktop Currency Converter V4.0 || 24onlineupdate

A currency converter on your desktop

Desktop Currency Converter is a free currency calculator always accessible and easy to use. It converts 55 world currencies and you can use it as a calculator.

Desktop Currency Converter is much more comfortable to use than any online currency calculator. Try it to see the difference.

Converts 55 world currencies 
Automatically download exchange rates 
Works as a calculator: Type a formula and you will see the result in two currencies. 
Works in offline mode 
Easy cut, copy and paste 
Two editable fields: you can adjust the target amount and view the result 
Decimal: 0 digit, 2 digits or no limit 
Easy to install and uninstall

Download Desktop Currency Converter

752 Kb
XP and older, Vista, Windows 7

To download the soft click here


You can convert from or to the following currencies:  EUR – Euro  USD - US dollar  CAD - Canadian dollar  JPY - Japanese yen  GBP - Pound sterling  AUD - Australian dollar  BGN - Bulgarian lev  CZK - Czech koruna  DKK - Danish krone  EEK - Estonian kroon  HUF - Hungarian forint  LTL - Lithuanian litas  LVL - Latvian lats  PLN - Polish zloty  RON - New Romanian leu  SEK - Swedish krona  CHF - Swiss franc  NOK - Norwegian krone  HRK - Croatian kuna  RUB - Russian rouble  TRY - Turkish lira  BRL - Brasilian real  CNY - Chinese yuan renminbi  HKD - Hong Kong dollar  IDR - Indonesian rupiah  INR - Indian rupee  KRW - South Korean won  MXN - Mexican peso  MYR - Malaysian ringgit  NZD - New Zealand dollar  PHP - Philippine peso  SGD - Singapore dollar  THB - Thai baht  ZAR - South African rand

Cross currency calculation based on EUR.
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