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Monday, June 27, 2011

IQ Test (Commonsense Test)

Point out the correct answer from the following questions: -
  1. P is the father of Q but Q is not the son of P. What is the relationship between Q and P?
a.     Father and Mother
b.     Daughter and Father
c.      Brother and sister
d.     None
  1. If an egg takes 3 minutes to boil. How much time will it take to boil 6 eggs together?
a.     5 Minutes
b.     18 Minutes

c.      3 Minutes
d.     6 Minutes
  1. If some electric poles stand in a straight now 60 yards apart, what is the distance from the 1st to the 10th?
a.     600 yards
b.     540 yards
c.      1000 yards
d.     800 yards
  1. After 5 years, Kamal will be 10 years older than Alam. What is the difference between their ages at present?
a.     10 years
b.     15 years
c.      20 years
d.     25 years
  1. Which is the heavier?
a.     ½ kg of Iron
b.     500 gm of Cotton
c.      200 gm of Cotton
d.     1000 gm of Cotton
  1. What fraction is 50 Paisa of Tk 100?
a.     Tk 1/100
b.     Tk 1/200
c.      Tk 100
d.     Tk 200
  1. To certain a number 8 is added. The sum is multiplied by 3. Then the product is divided by 2 and 7 is subtracted from the quotient, The remainder left is 50, The number is __
a.     30
b.     40
c.      50
d.     60
  1. The greatest number of five digits beginning with 5 and ending with 7is__
a.     53397
b.     57897
c.      58987
d.     59997
  1. The average price of 3 books is 18.Which of the following could be with price of one of the books?
a.     10
b.     18
c.      21
d.     0
  1. There a number of birds sitting on a branch of a tree. A hunter fired with his gun, only two birds fell down. How many were left on the tree?
a.     10
b.     21
c.      18
d.     0
Answers of the Questions1-10
1.b     2.c     3.b     4.a     5.equal        6.b     7.a     8.d     9.d     10.d


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