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Monday, June 27, 2011

Short Notes || Tipaimukh

          The Indians are going ahead with the construction of the massive Tapaimukh barrages-this event collectively impinge on us in more than one ways but the one which directly affects our very ability to survive is the issue of water sharing of some 53 common rivers between India and Bangladesh.
By constructing Tipaimukh and other barrages, India is depriving us of life-giving waters, drastically reducing our ability to survive and therefore this is the issue needing immediate and continued public attention and the subject of this commentary. India has resumed construction of the Tipaimukh barrage on the Barak River just a kilometer north of Jakiganj in Sylhet. The barrage when completed in 2012 is supposed to provide 1500 megawatts of hydel power to the India state of Assam but in return it’s going to bring about a major disaster for Bangladesh, practically contributing to drying up of 350 Km long Surma and 110 Km long Kushiara rivers which water most of the north-eastern regions of Bangladesh. The Tipaimukh barrage is going to seriously affect not only agriculture in large portions of Bangladesh, particularly in winter but also is going to bring about negative ecological, climatic and environmental changes of vast areas in both Bangladesh and India. Indian government is constructing the dam without consulting with Bangladesh government, which is violation of International River Law. Three corers people of the northern and eastern parts of the country would be vulnerable seriously when the construction of the dam would be completed by 2012.


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