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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bangladesh Day or National Days of Bangladesh For Celebration

Like other countries Bangladesh government has declared some National Bangladesh day when the whole nation will celebrate these national days with adequate significance and honors.
The name of the Bangladesh Days are given below -
1.     Antorjatik Matri Bhasa Dibosh (International Mother Language Day) -   21 February.
2.     Shadhinota Dibosh  ( Independence Day) – 26 March.
3.     Bijoy Dibosh (Victory Day) – 16 December.

4.     Bangla Nobobarsha / Pohela Boishakh (Bangles New Year) – 14 April
5.     International May Dibosh (International May Day) – 1st May.
6.     Jatiyou Shouk Dibosh (National Mourning Day) – 15 August.
7.     Jatiyo Potaka Dibosh (National Flag Day) – 23 March.
8.     BudhhiJibi Dibosh (National Intelligent Profession Day) – 14 December.
9.     National Biplob & Songhoti Dibosh (Revolution & Firmness Day) – 7 November.
10.                        Jatiyou Grontho Dibosh (National Books Day) – 1 January.
11.                        Jatiyo Samajseba Dibosh (National Social-Works Day) – 2 January.
12.                        Janasongkha Dibosh (National Population Day) – 2 February.
13.                        Jatiyou Shishu Dibosh (National Children Day) – 17 March.
14.                        Jatiyu Protibondo Dibosh (National Handicapped Day) – 5 April.
15.                        Jatiyou Tika Dibosh (National Inoculation Day) – 7 December.
16.                        Gono Abhuthhan Dibosh (National Mass Revolt Day) – 24 January.
17.                        Sososhro Bahini Dibosh (National Armed Forces Day) – 21 November.
18.                        Begum Rokeya Dibosh (Begum Rokeya Day) – 9 December.
19.                        Bongo Vongo Dibosh (Bongo Splitting Day) – 16 October.
20.                        Jail Hotta Dibosh (National Jain Murder Day) – 3 November.
21.                        24. Polashi Dibosh (National Polashi Day) – 23 Jun.


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  1. BANGLA IS THE 7th GREATEST LANGUAGE OF FIRST BANGALI NATIONALITY IS BANGLADESH BY BIRTH 16 DECEMBER 1971 AS BONGOBONDHU (SHEIKH MUJIBUR RAHMAN) IS THE FATHER OF THE NATION ! nb: my plea to the web-builder to add the above info of bangali-pride in historical perspective achieved at the cost of +3millions-bangali-genocide ! alhajMomin !


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