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Monday, May 23, 2011

English Proverbs And Sayings Part 4

v    Plenty is no plague.
v    Politeness costs little (nothing), but yields much.
v    Poverty is no sin.
v    Poverty is not a shame, but the being ashamed of it is.
v    Practise what you preach.
v    Praise is not pudding.
v    Pride goes before a fall.
v    Procrastination is the thief of time.
v    Promise is debt.
v    Promise little, but do much.
v    Prosperity makes friends, and adversity tries them.
v    Put not your hand between the bark and the tree.
v    Rain at seven, fine at eleven.
v    Rats desert a sinking ship.
v    Repentance is good, but innocence is better.
v    Respect yourself, or no one else will respect you.
v    Roll my log and I will roll yours.
v    Rome was not built in a day.
v    Salt water and absence wash away love.
v    Saying and doing are two things.
v    Score twice before you cut once.
v    Scornful dogs will eat dirty puddings.
v    Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
v    Self done is soon done.
v    Self done is well done.
v    Self is a bad counsellor.
v    Selfpraise is no recommendation.
v    Set a beggar on horseback and he'll ride to the devil.
v    Set a thief to catch a thief.
v    Shallow streams make most din.
v    Short debts (accounts) make long friends.
v    Silence gives consent.
v    Since Adam was a boy.
v    Sink or swim!
v    Six of one and half a dozen of the other.
v    Slow and steady wins the race.
v    Slow but sure.
v    Small rain lays great dust.
v    So many countries, so many customs.
v    So many men, so many minds.
v    Soft fire makes sweet malt.
v    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
v    Soon learnt, soon forgotten.
v    Soon ripe, soon rotten.
v    Speak (talk) of the devil and he will appear (is sure to appear).
v    Speech is silver but silence is gold.
v    Standers by see more than gamesters.
v    Still waters run deep.
v    Stolen pleasures are sweetest.
v    Stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach.
v    Stretch your legs according to the coverlet.
v    Strike while the iron is hot.
v    Stuff today and starve tomorrow.
v    Success is never blamed.
v    Such carpenters, such chips.
v    Sweep before your own door.
v    Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.
v    Take us as you find us.
v    Tarred with the same brush.
v    Tastes differ.
v    Tell that to the marines.
v    That cock won't fight.
v    That which one least anticipates soonest comes to pass.
v    That's a horse of another colour.
v    That's where the shoe pinches!
v    The beggar may sing before the thief (before a footpad).
v    The best fish smell when they are three days old.
v    The best fish swim near the bottom.
v    The best is oftentimes the enemy of the good.
v    The busiest man finds the most leisure.
v    The camel going to seek horns lost his ears.
v    The cap fits.
v    The cask saves ours of the first fill.
v    The cat shuts its eyes when stealing cream.
v    The cat would eat fish and would not wet her paws.
v    The chain is no stronger than its weakest link.
v    The cobbler should stick to his last.
v    The cobbler's wife is the worst shod.
v    The darkest hour is that before the dawn.
v    The darkest place is under the candlestick.
v    The devil is not so black as he is painted.
v    The devil knows many things because he is old.
v    The devil lurks behind the cross.
v    The devil rebuking sin.
v    The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on.
v    The Dutch have taken Holland !
v    The early bird catches the worm.
v    The end crowns the work.
v    The end justifies the means.
v    The evils we bring on ourselves are hardest to bear.
v    The exception proves the rule.
v    The face is the index of the mind.
v    The falling out of lovers is the renewing of love.
v    The fat is in the fire.
v    The first blow is half the battle.
v    The furthest way about is the nearest way home.
v    The game is not worth the candle.
v    The heart that once truly loves never forgets.
v    The higher the ape goes, the more he shows his tail.
v    The last drop makes the cup run over.
v    The last straw breaks the camel's back.
v    The leopard cannot change its spots.
v    The longest day has an end.
v    The mill cannot grind with the water that is past.
v    The moon does not heed the barking of dogs.
v    The more haste, the less speed.
v    The more the merrier.
v    The morning sun never lasts a day.
v    The mountain has brought forth a mouse.
v    The nearer the bone, the sweeter the flesh.
v    The pitcher goes often to the well but is broken at last.
v    The pot calls the kettle black.
v    The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
v    The receiver is as bad as the thief.
v    The remedy is worse than the disease.
v    The rotten apple injures its neighbours.
v    The scalded dog fears cold water.
v    The tailor makes the man.
v    The tongue of idle persons is never idle.
v    The voice of one man is the voice of no one.
v    The way (the road) to hell is paved with good intentions.
v    The wind cannot be caught in a net.
v    The work shows the workman.
v    There are lees to every wine.
v    There are more ways to the wood than one.
v    There is a place for everything, and everything in its place.
v    There is more than one way to kill a cat.
v    There is no fire without smoke.
v    There is no place like home.
v    There is no rose without a thorn.
v    There is no rule without an exception.
v    There is no smoke without fire.
v    There's many a slip 'tween (== between) the cup and the lip.
v    There's no use crying over spilt milk.
v    They are hand and glove.
v    They must hunger in winter that will not work in summer.
v    Things past cannot be recalled.
v    Think today and speak tomorrow.
v    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
v    Time and tide wait for no man.
v    Time cures all things.
v    Time is money.
v    Time is the great healer.
v    Time works wonders.
v    To add fuel (oil) to the fire (flames).
v    To angle with a silver hook.
v    To be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth.
v    To be head over ears in debt.
v    To be in one's birthday suit.
v    To be up to the ears in love.
v    To be wise behind the hand.
v    To beat about the bush.
v    To beat the air.
v    To bring grist to somebody's mill.
v    To build a fire under oneself.
v    To buy a pig in a poke.
v    To call a spade a spade.
v    To call off the dogs.
v    To carry coals to Newcastle.
v    To cast pearls before swine.
v    To cast prudence to the winds.
v    To come away none the wiser.
v    To come off cheap.
v    To come off with a whole skin.
v    To come off with flying colours.
v    To come out dry.
v    To come out with clean hands.
v    To cook a hare before catching him.
v    To cry with one eye and laugh with the other.
v    To cut one's throat with a feather.
v    To draw (pull) in one's horns.
v    To drop a bucket into an empty well.
v    To draw water in a sieve.
v    To eat the calf in the cow's belly.
v    To err is human.
v    To fiddle while Rome is burning.
v    To fight with one's own shadow.
v    To find a mare's nest.
v    To fish in troubled waters.
v    To fit like a glove.
v    To flog a dead horse.
v    To get out of bed on the wrong side.
v    To give a lark to catch a kite.
v    To go for wool and come home shorn.
v    To go through fire and water (through thick and thin).
v    To have a finger in the pie.
v    To have rats in the attic.
v    To hit the nail on the head.
v    To kick against the pricks.
v    To kill two birds with one stone.
v    To know everything is to know nothing.
v    To know on which side one's bread is buttered.
v    To know what's what.
v    To lay by for a rainy day.
v    To live from hand to mouth.
v    To lock the stable door after the horse is stolen.
v    To look for a needle in a haystack.
v    To love somebody (something) as the devil loves holy water.
v    To make a mountain out of a molehill.
v    To make both ends meet.

English Proverbs And Sayings Part 5(100)

v    To make the cup run over.
v    To make (to turn) the air blue.
v    To measure another man's foot by one's own last.
v    To measure other people's corn by one's own bushel.
v    To pay one back in one's own coin.
v    To plough the sand.
v    To pour water into a sieve.
v    To pull the chestnuts out of the fire for somebody.
v    To pull the devil by the tail.
v    To put a spoke in somebody's wheel.
v    To put off till Doomsday.
v    To put (set) the cart before the horse.
v    To rob one's belly to cover one's back.
v    To roll in money.
v    To run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.
v    To save one's bacon.
v    To send (carry) owls to Athens.
v    To set the wolf to keep the sheep.
v    To stick to somebody like a leech.
v    To strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.
v    To take counsel of one's pillow.
v    To take the bull by the horns.
v    To teach the dog to bark.
v    To tell tales out of school.
v    To throw a stone in one's own garden.
v    To throw dust in somebody's eyes.
v    To throw straws against the wind.
v    To treat somebody with a dose of his own medicine.
v    To use a steam hammer to crack nuts.
v    To wash one's dirty line in public.
v    To wear one's heart upon one's sleeve.
v    To weep over an onion.
v    To work with the left hand.
v    Tomorrow come never.
v    Too many cooks spoil the broth.
v    Too much knowledge makes the head bald.
v    Too much of a good thing is good for nothing.
v    Too much water drowned the miller .
v    Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.
v    True blue will never stain.
v    True coral needs no painter's brush.
v    Truth comes out of the mouths of babes and sucklings.
v    Truth is stranger than fiction.
v    Truth lies at the bottom of a well.
v    Two blacks do not make a white.
v    Two heads are better than one.
v    Two is company, but three is none.
v    Velvet paws hide sharp claws.
v    Virtue is its own reward.
v    Wait for the cat to jump.
v    Walls have ears.
v    Wash your dirty linen at home.
v    Waste not, want not.
v    We know not what is good until we have lost it.
v    We never know the value of water till the well is dry.
v    We shall see what we shall see.
v    We soon believe what we desire.
v    Wealth is nothing without health.
v    Well begun is half done.
v    What can't be cured, must be endured.
v    What is bred in the bone will not go out of the flesh.
v    What is done by night appears by day.
v    What is done cannot be undone.
v    What is got over the devil's back is spent under his belly.
v    What is lost is lost.
v    What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
v    What is worth doing at alt is worth doing well.
v    What must be, must be.
v    What the heart thinks the tongue speaks.
v    What we do willingly is easy.
v    When angry, count a hundred.
v    When at Rome, do as the Romans do.
v    When children stand quiet, they have done some harm.
v    When flatterers meet, the devil goes to dinner.
v    When guns speak it is too late to argue.
v    When pigs fly.
v    When Queen Anne was alive.
v    When the cat is away, the mice will play.
v    When the devil is blind.
v    When the fox preaches, take care of your geese.
v    When the pinch comes, you remember the old shoe.
v    When three know it, alt know it.
v    When wine is in wit is out.
v    Where there's a will, there's a way.
v    While the grass grows the horse starves.
v    While there is life there is hope.
v    Who breaks, pays.
v    Who has never tasted bitter, knows not what is sweet.
v    Who keeps company with the wolf, will learn to howl.
v    Wise after the event.
v    With time and patience the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin.
v    Words pay no debts.
v    You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink.
v    You cannot eat your cake and have it.
v    You cannot flay the same ox twice.
v    You cannot judge a tree by it bark.
v    You cannot teach old dogs new tricks.
v    You cannot wash charcoal white.
v    You made your bed, now lie in it.
v    Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse.


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