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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Important International Days (Short Mode)

Important Day
January 26
International Customs Day
March 8
International Women's Day
March 15
World Disabled Day; World Consumers' day
March 21
World Forestry day
March 22
World Day for Water
March 23
World Meteorological day
April 7
World Health Day
April 17
World Hemophilia Day
April 18
World Heritage Day
April 22
World Earth Day
May 1
International Labor day
May 3
International Press Freedom Day
May 8
World Red Cross Day
May 31
Anti-Tobacco Day
June 5
World Environment Day
June 26
International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking
July 11
World Population Day
September 8
World Literacy Day
September 16
World Ozone Day
September 27
World Tourism day
October 3
World Habitat Day
October 14
World Standards Day
October 16
World Food Day
November 14
World Diabetes Day
December 1
World AIDS Day
December 10
World Human Rights Day


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