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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Multimedia Quiz

Multimedia Questions:

1. With reference to multimedia elements, pick the odd one out of the following:
a)     Graphics
b)    Animation
c)     Audio
d)    Video
e)     Voice Script

2. JPEG is an acronym for __________ and is a file format for _________

3. What is another name for 2D animation?

4. What is the name of popular software used for creating 2D animation for use in web pages?

5. Which of the following is NOT a video file extension: MP4, AVI, QT, JPG, and MOV?

6. In animation, a key frame is a frame in which the artwork differs from that of the previous frame: TRUE or FALSE?

7. MP3 is an extension of a _________ file

8. Which of the following two file formats has a smaller file size: WAV or MP3?

9. In a multimedia project, a storyboard details the text, graphics, audio, video, animation, interactivity, and other that should be used in each screen of the project: TRUE or FALSE?

10. DAT is an acronym for _________

11. If you do not want external noise to enter into the room where a voiceover recording for a multimedia project takes place, then that room should be ________

12. What is the name of the programming / scripting language of Flash?

13. With appropriate software and more than one GIF image, you can create a GIF animation: TRUE or FALSE?

14. Which HTML tag you've to use to insert a Flash movie in a web page?

15. If you want to enlarge / reduce an image size, which differs extensively from its original size without loss in its quality, that image should be in which format: vector or raster format?

16. A graphic image file name is tree.eps. This file is a bitmap image: TRUE or FALSE?

17. EPS is an acronym for __________

18. A multimedia developer wants to use a video clip in a project and he wants the clip’s file size to be as small as possible. Which video file format should he use: MP4 or AVI?

19. FPS stands for __________

20. A broadcast / NTSC video requires how many FPS for it to play smoothly?

21. Codec is any acronym for __________. It can be hardwarebased,
Software based, or both: TRUE or FALSE?

22. Using Illustrator or CorelDraw you can create mainly what type of graphics: vector or raster?

23. What is the name of the function for integrating multimedia elements, programmatically and or without programming, using a software, to create a multimedia project?

24. What method of animation creates the inbetween frames when you create the start and end points of the animation?

25. A most basic skill a person requires to pursue an animation career is ________ skills.

Multimedia Quiz Answers:

1. Voice script
2. Joint Photographic Experts Group;
Graphic images
3. Cell animation
4. Flash
5. JPG
7. Sound/Music/Audio file
8. MP3
10. Digital Audio Tape
11. Soundproof
12. Action Script
13. TRUE
15. Vector
17. Encapsulated Post Script
18. MP4
19. Frames per Second
20. 30
21. Codec Decoder; TRUE
22. Vector
23. Authoring
24. Tweening
25. Drawing


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