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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some Exclusive Common Information’s about Bangladesh

1.     Governmental Name of Bangladesh: The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
2.     Capital: Dhaka.
3.     Government Procedure: Parliamentary.
4.     Language: Bengali is the first Language and English is the second Language of Bangladesh.
5.     Boarder Area of Bangladesh: East Bengal & Meghalaya is located at north of India, Assam, Tripura & Barman is located at east, East Bengal of India is located at west and the Bay of Bengal is located at South of Bangladesh.

6.     Total Area of Bangladesh: It’s all about 5138 Kilo Meters. The 4427 Kilo Meters is land and the rest 711 Kilo Meters is water. The boarder area of Bangladesh is connected with two countries named India & Myanmar.
7.     Total Volume of Bangladesh: 1, 47,570 Square Kilo Meters (56,977 Square Miles).
8.     Divisions: There is no. of 7 divisions in Bangladesh. These are – Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal, Sylhet and Rangpur(New).
9.     Some Magic Numbers: Districts of Bangladesh – 64,  No of Sub-Districts -469,  No of Police Stations- 518, Union- 4484, Villages- 87319, No of City Corporations of Bangladesh – 6, No. of Municipalities – 223.
10.                        Local Zonal Area of Sea – 12 Nautical Miles.
11.                        Earning Per Head – 400 USD.
12.                        Local Time Zone – (+6) [Greenwich Mean Time]
13.                        Seasons: There are six seasons in Bangladesh. These are – summer, Rainy Season, Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter & Spring.
14.                        Main Foods of Bangladesh: Rice, Fish, Vegetables, and Potato.
15.                        Main Crops of Bangladesh: Paddy, Wheat, Jute, Tea, Potato, Sugar Cane, Vegetables and etc.
16.                        Main Industries: Textiles & Garments, Jute Mills, Sugar Mills, Paper Mills, Cement Industry, Fertilizer Industry, Steel Mills.


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