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Monday, May 23, 2011

General Knowledge About Bangladesh

1. Dhaka University was firstly established on 1921.
2. Lord Carzon was Governor General of India during “Bongobongo”.
3. Bangladesh has 34 Govt. University.
4. The smallest union of Bangladesh is Scent Martin.
5. Bangladesh firstly recognized by India after the freedom war 1971.
6. Sheik Mujibur Rahman was the first president of Bangladesh.
7. The Chittagong Hill Tracts has 3 District.
8. Bangladesh was divided by 11 sectors during Freedom War.
9. Teknaf is situated in the bank of Naaf River.
10. “Durgesnondini” is a novel by Bankim Chandra Chotropadhyai.
11. Dravid is the first nation from whom the Bengali Nation came.
12. In 1610 the capital of Bangladesh firstly established in Dhaka.
13. “Bengali is the main language of Bangladesh” was the first demand of 6 Steps agitation.
14. “Oporajeyo Bangla” was inaugurated on 16th December, 1989.
15. National Smritisoud’s height is 46.5 Meter.
16. The volume of Nijhum Dip is 90 Square Meter.
17. Bangladesh has 85450 Villages.
18. The first parliamentary election was held in Bangladesh at 7th March, 1973.
19. About 426 People achieved the “Beerprotik” designation for freedom war.
20. Mrinal Haque is the sculptor of the sculpture named “Durjoy” located in Rajarbaag Police Lines.
21. Bangladesh Postal Academy is located in Rajshahi.
22. The proposed Padma Bridge’s length is 6.03 Kilometers.
23. Firoja Begum is the first mother of the Test Tube Baby of Bangladesh.
24. Bangladesh is the 136th member of United Nations.
25. Hamidur Rahman is the creator of Central Martyr Cairn.
26. Only 2 Women has been nominated for “Beerprotik” designation in Bangladesh.
27. Bangladesh is the 7th Largest Country of the world as the basis of Population.
28. The volume of Scent Martin Island is only 12 Square Kilometers.
29. The Digital Telephone System was started in Bangladesh at 4th January, 1990.
30. Bangladesh got membership of OIC at 1974.


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